I’ve been reading The View From The Center Of The Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams.

One things this book discusses is the composition of the universe.

Only a fraction of existence is solid and visible.

The chart above offers some detail.

The dark matter and dark energy that comprises most of existence does not react with light and is impossible to see.

Yet these dark materials alter the shape and the size of the universe.

These facts were not fully understood as recently as 15 years ago.

They are understood better today, though still imperfectly.

Here is a good article on this subject from The New York Times science section.

This is something we should keep in mind when dealing with others.

Much is unseen, and it may be late in the day when we understand the forces motivating people to act as they do.

You have your own view as to the extent all things are connected.

I think all things are, in some way, connected.

As much as we think we might know what exists and what’s going on, we don’t know so much.

One of many good reasons to be slow to judge the actions of others, is the fact that much of existence is made up of the unseen.