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Climate change second man burning fossil fuels is real

Many in the press, especially those in New York and New Jersey, seem to have woken up after Hurricane Sandy and decided that climate change is real and we need to do something about it right away. Climate scientists have been talking about this for more than 30 years. Personally, I’ve looked at the data several times (2001 and 2007). There are multiple different ways you can look at the data. There is ground temperature data, sea temperature data, glacier melt data and tons more. One of the things that makes the climate change data so robust is that scientists are not depending upon one set of data. Instead, they’re looking at multiple different sets of data and they all are basically saying the same thing. Climate change (man’s burning of fossil fuels causing increased carbon emissions which in turn causes changes in the climate) is real. I sit down and talk with Joe Romm from the Climate Progress blog which is associated with the Center for American Progress. Enjoy.

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Podcast interview with David Madland on fixing the middle class

A couple of weeks ago, I was hosting Local Edge Radio and I interviewed David Madland from the Center for American Progress for my podcast. We discussed his new report, Making Our Middle Class Stronger – 35 Policies to Revitalize America’s Middle Class.

  • Lower the Cost of College
  • Reduce costs and barriers to job training
  • Raise workplace standards
  • Reduce costs of getting sick or losing a job
  • Boost retirement security
  • Make it possible for workers to also be caregivers for children and elderly parents
  • Stabilize the costs of housing
  • Create middle-class jobs
  • Reduce energy and transportation costs
  • Focus policymakers on the middle class

These are just a few of the recommendations. Please click on the above link to read the whole paper. In my opinion, the key is to focus on the middle class. So many of our policies today are focused on the rich. We seem to go out of our way to make things better for the rich with the hopes that it’ll trickle down to the middle class. That doesn’t happen. Listen to the podcast in order to hear what David Madland has to say about strengthening the middle class.

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I’m hosting Local Edge Radio today (Updated)

I’m in the driver’s seat. I’m going to be talking with David Weiss of the Center for American Progress about oil prices. I will also chat with Professor Andrew Koppelman, the John Paul Stevens professor of law at Northwestern, who will be in the house to talk about the Health Care law. Finally, I will spend most of the 5 o’clock hour to talk about Trayvon Martin. You can call in – 828-252-4348.

More from

Experts deny that drilling brings down gas prices, despite how often Republicans claim to have the “silver bullet.” Now, the Associated Press reports that an analysis of 36 years of Energy Information Administration data shows “no statistical correlation” between domestic oil production and gas prices.

AP writes:

U.S. oil production is back to the same level it was in March 2003, when gas cost $2.10 per gallon when adjusted for inflation. But that’s not what prices are now.

That’s because oil is a global commodity and U.S. production has only a tiny influence on supply. Factors far beyond the control of a nation or a president dictate the price of gasoline.

When you put the inflation-adjusted price of gas on the same chart as U.S. oil production since 1976, the numbers sometimes go in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions. If drilling for more oil meant lower prices, the lines on the chart would consistently go in opposite directions. A basic statistical measure of correlation found no link between the two, and outside statistical experts confirmed those calculations.

Just spoke with Andrew Koppelman. Great conversation. I’ll have an update a little later on tonight.

We are currently talking with Barry Summers of Save Asheville Water. We are talking about ALEC.

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