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Dear Pop Icons and Divas – Don’t Do It

So, by now, everybody should’ve heard that Mary J Blige cut a commercial for Burger King. It was about their chicken sandwich. After a huge uproar, the commercial has been pulled. There are some things in our society that just shouldn’t be done. The whole thing is simply too racially charged. I’ve been thinking about this for way too long, more than 10 minutes, and I just don’t know how a Black entertainer can sing about chicken. I don’t know how you do that without looking foolish or making everybody else look foolish. While I’m on the subject, watermelon should be placed on the same list as chicken. It is radioactive. Don’t touch it. I don’t care how much money they offer you, don’t do it. There are a variety of things you can sing about, including cars, toys and cell phones. Hell, you can even sing about Campbell’s chicken soup. Just stay away from those old tired clichés. I’m just saying…

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The Errington Thompson Show 2-7-09

I’m behind again in posting. I’ll try and catch up today.

I have an open mic today and there are some great calls from thoughtful callers. The show starts with the fact that we are being nickled-and-dimed to death. Whether it is cell phones or the price of gas, we are asked to understand market fluctuations when I don’t think this is to be blamed on market forces at all. Companies are simply taking more and more of our money and we are getting less and less.

I spent a great deal of time discussing the new unemployment numbers. 598,000 Americans out of work; 1.5 million Americans laid off since November. While these numbers are awful, I think that they will get worse. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are singing that old Simon and Garfunkel tune – Feeling Groovy. They want us to slow down.

This is a great show. Enjoy.

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Simple Math and Joe the Plumber

Were Joe the Plumber working 12 hour days, 7 days per week for 12 months at $50 per hour, he would bring in $201,600 before taxes. This is without one day off. He still wouldn’t be able to afford to buy this business he was talking about.

Joe, your five minutes of fame (you don’t merit all 15) are about up. Before I leave Joe, I have to dish up some Joe-isms

Joe on Iraq: We’ve liberated another country. I mean, you know, freedom. Things that every one of you guys take for granted, that Americans take for granted…these guys didn’t have it, now they’ve got it. I don’t know if you guys are Christians or not, but it’s like someone coming to Jesus and becoming saved. These guys have freedom. Our guys here that are poverty stricken? They’ve got cell phones. Those poor people over there, they have one pair of pants and a shirt.

Please Joe Iraq isn’t a poster.  There are real people over there.  I’m not sure that a Sunni in Baghdad who was forced out of his house but Shiite militias would think that he was living in the land of freedom.  We have given the Iraqi people something.  I just don’t know what that something is yet.

Joe on Social Security: Social Security’s a joke. I have parents. I don’t need another set of parents called the government. Let me take my money and invest it how I please. Social Security, I’ve never believed in, don’t like it, hate that it’s forced on me.

Since many of the people who are on Social Security are there because of disability I think that Joe is again way off base here.  If God-forbid Joe has an accident at work, I think that he will be glad that we have that safety net.

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