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News Roundup: Cruz, Celebrity Hack, Ukraine


Almost more than anything else in politics, I love when when someone of privilege, like a senator or a corporate CEO, decides that he wants to give advice to the black community. Today we have Sen. Ted Cruz. Well, not him exactly, but his father Rafael Cruz. He was giving a speech to the Western Williamson Republicans Club when he decided that “the average black does not know that the minimum wage is bad. Moron. What else can I say? Since most of us are not living like rappers in a video, we know there’s a difference between the minimum wage and the corporate CEO wage.

By now everybody’s heard about the massive celebrity hack in which some celebrities had nude photos released. This includes Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and others. Apple wasted no time announcing that their popular iCloud storage program was not to blame.

I’m sorry, but I’m still confused about what’s going on in the Ukraine. It appears that Russia has advanced tanks into Ukraine. There was a cease-fire. Now Ukraine says there is not a cease-fire. This is a mess without any easy answer.

Ferguson: Several police officers have been either suspended or have resigned. I suspect that this ugliness will continue for several weeks/months.

More later.

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Rodney King dead at age 47

Rodney King is dead at age 47. I would like to tell you that Rodney King lived a full life, but I would be lying. I would like to tell you that Rodney King was a unique individual. He might have been, but I don’t know. Unfortunately, I think that Rodney King is a symbol of the hopelessness that many inner-city minorities feel. In spite of his “celebrity,” Rodney King really couldn’t turn that into anything that resembled a meaningful job or money. He was under-educated. He had problems with substance abuse. He was married twice and had three daughters. Rodney King will be forever associated with the LA Riots. I’m sorry, but I find his life to be very sad.

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The big fail

Geraldo Rivera, media celebrity for Fox News, invites Malik Shabazz, member of the New Black Panther organization, to talk about his views on America. Nothing good can come out of this conversation. The video is here. I am completely unable to watch this video. It simply sucks IQ points out of my head. You have one guy asking leading questions and another guy, who has an agenda, wants to point out to America the impression that Whites has inflicted on the world over the last several centuries.

This is the problem with race relations. He cannot talk past each other. You have to talk to each other. If you go to start a conversation suggesting that you are aligned with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, that conversation is a nonstarter. If you start a conversation weighing out the litany of abuses that Whites have inflicted upon Africa and Asia in the North American Indians, you’re not getting anywhere. The atrocities are well-known. So, move forward.

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