Worst in the World: Walmart

  • Bill O’Reilly only won the bronze tonight. He stated he didn’t know who Roland Martin was. Unfortunately for Bill, Roland Martin has been on his show more than eight times.
  • The silver goes to James Dobson from Focus on the Family. He saw the new CDC statistics that one in four teenage girls have a sexually transmitted disease and somehow he came up with the thought that more abstinence education was needed (abstinence education has been proven time and time again not to work).
  • The gold goes to Walmart. A Walmart employee got hurt on the job. Walmart paid her medical expenses but she remains wheelchair-bound with a severe brain injury. She won a $700 thousand settlement (actually $400 thousand, after legal fees) from the trucking company. Then, Walmart found out and sued her for $400 thousand to cover money paid out for her medical expenses. When people ask me what is wrong with corporate America, this is what I tell them: You stop being a person a become a number. Walmart — today’s worst ‘person’ in the world.