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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

flu shot

Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Looks like the worst of the flu season is over.

Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down as Pope. Here’s a look back. I would like to take a moment and talk about the Catholic Church. First, as a caveat, I’m not Catholic. On the other hand, I do respect what the Catholic Church stands for. I am Christian. As a Christian, I’ve been deeply saddened by the lack of responsiveness that the Catholic Church has shown to its members. We have seen, over the last 5-10 years, the Catholic Church suffer a slow death by a thousand cuts. The problem with priests molesting children was originally exhibited as a tale of an isolated crazed individual, but it was much more than that. So, in this era of modern communications, instant messaging and 24-hour news service, one would figure that the Church would get out ahead of the story and admit its culpability, stand up and say that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will never be tolerated. Unless I missed it, I never heard that kind of admission. To me, as someone who is on the outside of the Catholic faith, this is an unfortunate legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. Finally, I just don’t understand the tradition of electing somebody who is in their late sixties or early seventies.

The cause of the Dinosaurs’ extinction has been theorized to be a meteor. There is now more evidence to support this theory.

In Oregon, protesters decided to exercise their rights by showing up to the State Capitol with guns.

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Some die at Pope rally

We live in the year 2009. People are not supposed to die at a rally. We have seen this all before. Angola. Tens of thousands line up and wait for hours (does this sound like Cincinnati in 1979?) The doors open and there is no assigned seating. Everyone rushes in. There is chaos. Two girls are dead.  Eight others are wounded. This is so preventable…  so preventable. It’s so sad. There is no excuse for the lack of planning and foresight.

From NYT: Pope Benedict, on a visit to Angola marred by a deadly stampede, on Saturday urged Angolan Catholics to shun witchcraft and woo back those who have left the Catholic church to join other religious groups.

Two teenage girls were killed and at least eight injured in the stampede to enter a stadium in downtown Luanda where Pope Benedict later presided at a youth rally, an official said.

Maria das Dores Celina, a nurse at Josina Machel Hospital, told Reuters the incident happened as thousands of people rushed to enter the venue before the Pope arrived. The two girls arrived dead at the hospital, she added.

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Oops, I Didn't Mean "Great Whore"


I have misspoken many times in the past and I promise that I’ll do it again in the future because I’m not perfect. I do try to chose my words carefully, especially if I’m talking to someone who is recording me. It only makes sense. I have never called someone an idiot or pinhead or moron if I didn’t mean it (I try not to call anyone these names unless I’m joking. Name calling in a great way to get yourself in trouble).

So, when Pastor John Hagee called the Catholic church the “great whore,” it was clear what he meant. He arrived at this conclusion after a huge build-up. It isn’t like he just blurted out – “great whore.” No, instead, he lead up to the moment by speaking of the past sins of the Catholic church, suggesting that today’s church should be responsible for the sins of the past. Hagee started with the Inquisition and then talked about the Crusades. He then tied the Crusades to antisemitism and the hatred of the Jews. I have no idea what the Crusades have to do with antisemitism, but Hagee was on a roll. Hitler, according to Hagee, learned his hatred of the Jews through this Catholic teaching. Then he ended with the assertion that the Catholic church is the “great whore.”

Well, it looks like Pastor Hagee didn’t mean it. He was just playin’. All I can say is “yeah, right.” Hagee may not have liked the media focus or the public criticism but he meant to say exactly what he said. In order to add insult to injury, in my opinion, Hagee met with several Catholic leaders earlier and wrote a letter to William Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights, apologizing for his inflammatory rhetoric. Donohue has accepted his apology.

Hagee needs to go back and read that Bible that he is carrying around. He needs to open his heart and his mind when he is reading. The Catholic church has had much to answer for, but so has all of mankind because we aren’t perfect. We all fail just has Hagee has failed now.

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