Rudeness At White Castle

I went to the White Castle hamburger at the corner of Reading and William Howard Taft in Cincinnati today.

Everybody knows this location.

20 years ago, I would have known people at this spot. I had a job in college selling lottery tickets. Many older guys who drove bootleg cabs would buy tickets from me.  These men  hung out at the Reading and Taft White Castle. Now I bet they have passed on.

Today, I held the door open at the White Castle for a woman. I let her get ahead of me in the line. She said, ”bless you.” 

While her order was being taken, the lady’s phone rang. She took the call! She held up the line with a conversation.  This is what I got in return for my politeness. I had to wait longer for my White Castle.

Please don’t pick up your cell phone if you are ahead of others in a line or interacting with a human being who is trying to provide you with some service.