Sadness can’t describe my feelings.

From NYT:

Dr. Carver said that in the seven autopsies he himself had performed, the victims had from 3 to 11 wounds.

With the examinations complete and the families informed, the authorities released the names of those killed. Among the children, there were 12 girls killed and 8 boys. All of the children were in the first grade, officials said. Sixteen of the 20 were 6 years old; the rest were 7. One little girl had just turned 7 on Tuesday.

With the release of each name, the grim reality of Friday’s nightmare stung a little deeper.

The youngest child had just turned 6 years old in November, a little boy named Noah.

The oldest was 56, a school psychologist who was shot dead as she rushed to stop a 20-year-old gunman who had turned an elementary school into a killing grounds on Friday, killing 26 people before taking his own life.