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Da Super Bowl

Everyone has talked and talked about the Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers are clearly a better team. They are solid. They tackle and block better than anyone in the NFL. The Denver Broncos have a GREAT, spirited defense which has carried the Broncos to where they are this year. 

Although I can see many ways that the Panthers can win the Super Bowl, I really only see one way for the Broncos. They have to continue to play great defense and crush the run. They have to stop Cam from running and hold Jonathan Stewart. Then they will have the ability to lock down the Panther receivers. The Broncos offense can not turn the ball over. 

If the Panthers force turnovers, this game is over. If the Panthers are able to move the ball on offense, this game is over. 

If the Broncos win, it will be because of Wade Phillips coaching the greatest game of his life. 

I’m looking forward to GREAT game. (Hate blowouts in the SuperBowl.)

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NFL: Divisional Playoffs


Divisional playoffs

New England Patriots versus the Baltimore Ravens – it is hard to go into New England and win. This is the one thing that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have proven over the last 10 or more years. The talking heads were trying to tell us that Joe Flacco had figured out how to win in New England. The Baltimore Ravens had their opportunities to win this ballgame. Unfortunately, the defense let him down; specifically, their pass defense. Tom Brady carved them up. New England negated the “great pass rush” by the Baltimore Ravens using tons of short passes. I would be extremely surprised if the New England Patriots weren’t in the Super Bowl yet again this year.

The Carolina Panthers versus the Seattle Seahawks – This game was not close. The Seattle Seahawks played lights out. Cam Newton needs more weapons and a better offensive line if he is going to seriously take on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

Dallas Cowboys versus Green Bay Packers – I know that everybody’s talking about the catch that wasn’t. I’m extremely disappointed, because the Cowboys had an amazing season. They had an opportunity to win this game with or without the catch. We cannot forget the importance of DeMarco Murray’s fumble. The Dallas Cowboys had exactly the right call for exactly the right defense. DeMarco Murray was running for a touchdown. There was nobody over there. Julius Peppers popped the ball out with DeMarco in the hole. This was the game. Aaron Rodgers played terribly during the first and second quarters. The reason that I think he’s the best quarterback in the game is performance in that second half. He was brilliant.

Indianapolis Colts versus the Denver Broncos – I have no idea what is wrong with Peyton Manning or the Denver offense. They simply got manhandled, again (like in the SuperBowl). The receivers could not get open. Peyton Manning missed wide open receivers. Andrew Luck played the way he usually does. He moves around. He makes plays. He throws the ball hard. He throws the ball accurately. He was amazing. The Annapolis Colts will be moving on, while the Denver Broncos are scratching their heads looking for answers.

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NFL – Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs and more

Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers put on a show Monday night. We, the NFL fans, were treated to an outstanding football game between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. I was a little surprised at how well Carolina played on both sides of the football. Cam Newton had an outstanding game. He made very few mistakes. I think this makes the Carolina Panthers a legitimate football team to make the playoffs. (Yes, there was a controversial play at the end of the game. In my opinion, there should’ve been a pass interference penalty call. In spite of this, the Panthers held their own and played extremely well. Oh, that reminds me. Tom Brady was caught on camera berating the NFL official with a profanity-laced emotional argument. I suspect this will cost him a couple of thousand dollars.)

Personally, I believe that the NFL turns out a relatively mediocre product. All teams have to do is a few little tweaks in order to make their mediocre product a little bit better and that will follow them into the playoffs. This keeps everybody interested. It sells tickets.

One of the most anticipated football games of the year was the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Denver Broncos. The big question was – could the ferocious defense of the Kansas City Chiefs slow down the Denver Broncos? The answer was sort of. The Denver Broncos did not score 40 or 50 points. On the other hand, they weren’t held to 17 points either. Peyton Manning had a good night. The Kansas City defense did not get close to Peyton Manning all night long. The other big question was whether the Kansas City Chiefs could generate enough offense. The answer was no. In my opinion, I think the problem was with the Kansas City receivers. They just never seemed to get separation. Because of this, Alex Smith held the ball far too long, which resulted in Alex Smith running for his life as he was flushed from the pocket or a quarterback sack. The good news for the Kansas City Chiefs is that they play the Denver Broncos again, in two weeks. Hopefully, Kansas City will figure out a way to generate some sort of passing offense which will open up the running game.

The Dallas Cowboys did not lose last week!

I feel sorry for the Atlanta Falcons. Many “experts” had picked the Atlanta Falcons to go deep into the playoffs and possibly go to the Super Bowl. Something happened. I can’t put my finger on it. The team has simply fallen apart. I don’t know whether they simply got old. I know that they are decimated with injuries. Unfortunately, the Atlanta Falcons look awful.

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