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Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan, former Press Secretary under George W. Bush, wrote a book with a critical eye toward his the president. McClellan is a turncoat– Just like his mom. McClellan’s mom, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, is well-known here in Texas because she has run for office as a a Democrat, Republican, and as a third-party candidate. Strayhorn served as Democratic Mayor of Austin and as a Republican Texas State Comptroller. She then ran for Governor in 2006 as an Independent against a Republican incumbent. She dropped and changed party affiliations to suit her ambitions. If McClellan had a real problem with President George

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson is a surgeon, scholar, full-time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats.


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