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NFL: Black Monday And Wildcard Weekend

True NFL fans will have noticed that over the last four or five years there have been multiple coaches fired on the Monday after the last regular-season game. Most coaches are fired because their team, for one reason or another, did not live up to expectations. Some of the firings don’t seem to make any sense whatsoever. For example, the firing of Lovie Smith, a man who took his team to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as the quarterback, was fired after a 10-6 season. (Taking a team to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as your quarterback should get Lovie Smith into the Hall of Fame.) The Bears did not make the playoffs. So, after nine seasons, Lovie Smith, by all accounts an outstanding coach, was shown the door. Ken Whisenhunt, the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, was also fired. Ken Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. To be honest, he was one play away from winning the Super Bowl with an Arizona Cardinals team that had never seen that kind of success. Ken Whisenhunt resurrected Kurt Warner’s career. He is one of the main reasons that Kurt Warner is now being discussed as a possible Hall of Fame quarterback. Ken Whisenhunt’s problem was that he never found another quarterback after Kurt Warner retired. You simply cannot win in the NFL without a good, solid, consistent quarterback. Ask Chan Gailey who was also fired.

Wildcard weekend

There were four games last weekend and they all went according to plan. I’m sure that there are some fans the didn’t like the outcome, but the teams that were supposed to win – won. The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Houston Texans revealed that the Cincinnati offense isn’t ready for prime time. It also revealed that there’s something missing with the Houston Texans offense. Andre Johnson and Arian Foster are carrying the offense. If the Houston Texans are going to go deep into the playoffs and even to the Super Bowl somebody else is going to have to step up. As I see it, although the Cincinnati Bengals lost, basically Andy Dalton has to become more accurate. (more…)

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What's Going On: Evening News Roundup

Here’s the Sunday evening news Roundup:

  • Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has resigned after his government has become mired in corruption investigations.
  • If I hand somebody a blank check, I feel pretty confident they’re not going to write it for $700 billion. So, what we’re handing the financial industry is worse than a blank check. The fact that this proposal has bipartisan support does not warm my heart. The Bush administration wants quick action but… Can someone stand up and clearly articulate where the problem is? Can somebody tell us, the American people, that throwing $700 billion at the problem will fix it? We know the American automotive industry is looking for approximately a $25 billion handout, is that included in this $700 billion? And probably the worst part of this legislation is that the Secretary of the Treasury has no ability to be looked at by the judiciary. There’s no oversight. I don’t get how this is good for America. I understand that financial meltdowns are bad. But I also understand that handing out $700 billion is also bad. (Psst – foreign banks have their hands out also.)
  • In order to win in November, Democratic nominee Barack Obama needs to win the women’s vote.
  • The Americans won the Ryder Cup for their first victory since 1999. Very cool.
  • Most of the NFL games have been completed. The Miami Dolphins, like all Bill Parcell’s teams, will be competitive. They absolutely trounced the New England Patriots, with Ronnie Brown running for four touchdowns and throwing for another. (Yep, I had him on my fantasy team and I sat him down today.) The Denver Broncos can’t play defense. The Indianapolis Colts will continue to struggle until they fix their offenses and defenses lines. Brian Griese beat his old team, the Chicago Bears, throwing 67 passes. The Washington Redskins are learning how to play under their new coach. They beat a very strong Arizona Cardinals team. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions, and the St. Louis Rams are vying for the trophy of the worst team in pro football.
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