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Wild Card Weekend – NFL

I know that it is in fashionable to suggest that there is a “New NFL.” Yep. New… not. There is nothing new. Wild Card Weekend proves that there is nothing new. Winning now looks a lot like winning ten or fifteen years ago. In order to win in the playoffs, you need to protect the football, run the ball and bring some defense. There is nothing new. This is exactly what we saw this weekend. In the Colts game, Luck and the gang were happy to turn the ball over but they also racked up over 500 yards in total offense.

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Bush plays terror card, again

Amazing.  5 years after the President wanted Bin Laden dead or alive.  Bin Laden is still alive.  The president stopped talking about him.  He was only one man.  The president then “didn’t spend much time on him.”  Now, he (Bin Laden) is important again.  (sorry about the still photo.  I’ll try and fix it tomorrow.)

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NFL – Wild Card flop

Terrible weekend of football. The Benagals folded. The Giants didn’t even show up. The ‘Skins winning a game with only 120 yards of total offense??? That’s offensive to me the viewer. Jacksonville almost showed up but not really.

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