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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Tuesday Morning News Roundup IPhone could be good for the economy. Has Obama been cleaning up the economic mess? Yes, he has. Unemployment has dropped to 8.1% and the labor market added 96,000 jobs. The public sector is still holding the economy back by laying folks off. From MaddowBlog: Counter-terrorism: “An airstrike by an American drone missile has killed Saeed al-Shihiri, the second in command of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and five others in Yemen, U.S. officials confirmed on Monday.” Over the weekend, six car bombs killed 51 people in Iraq, capping a day when earlier attacks killed 58 people and

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What's Going On – Morning News Roundup

Friday Morning News Roundup Tomorrow at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, The Errington Thompson Show will hit the airwaves. I will be reviewing the week’s top stories. My guest will be Amanda Terkel from the popular progressive blog Think Progress and my good friend Bill Scher from Campaign for America’s Future and Liberal Oasis, one of the oldest progressive blogs.  You can listen to my show live — here.  You can also catch my podcasts — here. The world stock market continues to spiral in a downward trend. Asian and European markets closed sharply lower yesterday. Wall Street lost over 7% of its value

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