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Al Qaeda in Iraq official captured

So, President Bush was completely beaten back with his Al Qaeda in Iraq scare from last week. Almost every major new outlet had an expert that stated the connection was an overreach at best and at worse it was a lie! This morning low and behold, we capture an Al Qaeda in Iraq insurgent. He just so happens to be a major figure in that well structured organization. You would not believe what he said. Bin Laden has direct command and control over Al Qaeda in Iraq. That’s so amazing. We just so happen to capture the exact guy that knows

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Not Kidnapped – Captured

If you are at war and your troops get taken what is that called?  Okay, let’s look at this another way, if you are in peace time, and one of your friends gets taken then you call it a kidnapping.  Our 2 missing troops have been captured.  They are POW’s.  Why because we are still at war in Iraq!!  I’m just sayin’

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