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Countdown – Dems candidates

Barack Obama and John Edwards take new stabs at Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure what Hillary has accomplished to get the frontrunner status that she is getting. What major legislation has she pushed thru Congress? Did she read the NIE before she voted for the War? I don’t know. I’m still very uncomfortable with Hillary. Here’s the deal – Who ever can win Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina will have the momentum necessary to win it all.

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GOP candidates denounce Coulter; wink, wink

Do you remember the Monty Python skit – Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge? This is what the Republicans are doing when they “denounce” Coulter. They invited her. She has called Clinton and Gore gay so why not Edwards? It is the trifecta. BTW, it was no joke. If it was an attempt at a joke then maybe Andrew Dice Clay is writing her material. —— From NYT: Three of the leading Republican presidential candidates on Saturday denounced one of their party’s best-known conservative commentators for using an antigay epithet when discussing a Democratic presidential contender at a gathering of conservatives here. The

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