Florida GOP primary – It’s Romney (Updated)

There was no South Carolina surprise. Romney took care of business and kicked butt. I don’t know if this is good or bad for the GOP. I know that it doesn’t matter to Democrats. I have heard the talking heads say that Obama would like to face Romney or Perry or whomever. I just find that funny, since President Obama hasn’t publicly said anything.

6378 of 6796 Precincts Reporting – 94% Votes %
✓ Romney, Mitt 748,749 47
Gingrich, Newt 509,418 32
Santorum, Rick 213,025 13
Paul, Ron 111,799 7

(This table is from DK)

I will repeat what I said the other day. Newt isn’t a serious candidate. He is running so that his rich donor friends will continue to believe that he is a factor in Washington and will continue to write those large checks. How do you explain the fact that Newt hasn’t come out with a major campaign theme yet? Nothing. He won in South Carolina with a direct attack on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Because of criticism, he decided to back away from the only theme that has resonated with voters? Since when has Newt backed down from criticism? He isn’t serious about winning the nomination.

Update: If you can stomach it, here is a few moments of Mitt Romney’s speech in Florida.