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Craziness of the NFL

Matt Flynn, the backup QB of the Green Bay Packers, has flown for 480 yds and 6 TDs. What an amazing performance! He has the Packers record for yards and for touchdowns. Let me type that again – Matt Flynn has the Green Bay Packers record for passing yards in a game and for number of touchdowns in a game. That’s more than Aaron Rodgers, who has had a great season. That’s more than Mr. Packer (before he left Green Bay), Bret Favre. Matt Flynn. Oh, by the way, Matt Stafford, in the same game, threw for over 520 yards, which

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NFL Week Seven – predictions and thoughts

Washington Redskins versus Carolina Panthers – The Washington Redskins have made a change at quarterback. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. John Beck is in as quarterback. For the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton is playing fairly well in spite of last week’s performance. He has more interceptions than touchdowns passes. I do like the way he plays, but he has to tighten that up. I’m going with the Carolina Panthers in this one. Seattle Seahawks versus Cleveland Browns – Seattle is playing pretty good defense, especially their front seven. Peyton Hillis, for the Cleveland Browns, has been bothered

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NFL Week Six – Hits and Misses

Carson Palmer, who was sitting on his Barcalounger all season, has been sent from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders. Personally, I thought that Jason Campbell who has a broken collarbone could be back to play in a couple weeks after surgery. I know that most of the “experts” are saying that it’s going to be closer to six weeks, but I thought with a relatively small incision and the fact that he is an athlete, he could be back out there a little bit faster. Anyway, I think that Carson Palmer going to Oakland is good for both Oakland

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