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Craziness of the NFL

Matt Flynn has 2 GB throwing recordsMatt Flynn, the backup QB of the Green Bay Packers, has flown for 480 yds and 6 TDs. What an amazing performance! He has the Packers record for yards and for touchdowns. Let me type that again – Matt Flynn has the Green Bay Packers record for passing yards in a game and for number of touchdowns in a game. That’s more than Aaron Rodgers, who has had a great season. That’s more than Mr. Packer (before he left Green Bay), Bret Favre. Matt Flynn.

Oh, by the way, Matt Stafford, in the same game, threw for over 520 yards, which is a Lions record. No game in NFL history has had two quarterbacks throw for over 400 yards. Calvin Johnson has 244 receiving yards and a touchdown, which is another record (Lions).

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NFL Week Seven – predictions and thoughts

Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers

Washington Redskins versus Carolina Panthers – The Washington Redskins have made a change at quarterback. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. John Beck is in as quarterback. For the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton is playing fairly well in spite of last week’s performance. He has more interceptions than touchdowns passes. I do like the way he plays, but he has to tighten that up. I’m going with the Carolina Panthers in this one.

Seattle Seahawks versus Cleveland Browns – Seattle is playing pretty good defense, especially their front seven. Peyton Hillis, for the Cleveland Browns, has been bothered by his hamstring. I’m leaning towards the Seahawks.

Atlanta Falcons versus Detroit Lions – Last week, I said that Atlanta had to win. I’m going to say the same thing this week. I thought that Detroit’s front seven were playing pretty well on defense, but the San Francisco 49ers’ Frank Gore gashed them for a ton of yards. I look for the Atlanta Falcons to try to do the same. They have to get the running game on track. Detroit? I have no idea what happened last Sunday. They simply didn’t play a good game. Where were all the touchdown passes to Calvin Johnson? It didn’t happen. I think Atlanta will try to pound the ball and will be relatively successful. I’m leaning towards the Atlanta Falcons.

Denver Broncos versus Miami Dolphins – This game would be a snoozer, except… Tim Tebow. Everybody’s been fixated on Tim Tebow for the last two weeks. All I know is that running quarterbacks have modest success in this league. Michael Vick began to have a lot of success once he started throwing accurately down the field. Randall Cunningham had modest success because he was a streaky quarterback who could get on a hot streak. Unless Tim Tebow begins to accurately deliver the ball on time, he will only have modest success in this league. I won’t even go into how many college athletes were extremely exciting in college only to have mediocre careers in the NFL. Neither of these teams really do anything particularly well. I look for Miami to try to get their running game back on track. This game is a toss-up.

San Diego Chargers versus New York Jets – In my opinion, this game is all about the Jets. It is all about the fact that the Jets can’t run the ball and they can’t stop the run very well. Last year they had Kris Jenkins and Shaun Ellis on the defensive line. Both of these great defensive players have left the Jets. The Jets are 11th in total defense and they are ranked 28th in stopping the run. The Chargers should be able to run and throw the football. They’re going to put up 25-30 points. I just don’t see how the Jets are going to be able to keep pace.

Chicago Bears versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I don’t know what to expect from the Chicago Bears. Their defense has kind of been up and down. Sometimes Jay Cutler looks like an elite quarterback and sometimes he doesn’t. One thing I have noticed is that Matt Forte is running the ball pretty well. On the other side of the ball, Josh Freeman was mediocre to awful two weeks ago, but played pretty well last week. I’m throwing this came into the toss-up bowl. This one might be fun to watch, as I suspect it’s going to be well played and hard-hitting.

Houston Texans versus Tennessee Titans – So what happened to the Tennessee Titans? Compared to just two weeks ago, Matt Hasselbeck seems to be a little less hot. His passer rating still makes him the sixth best quarterback in the league, which is not too shabby. Can somebody tell me what’s up with Chris Johnson? Currently, he’s rushed for 250 yards. He is behind James Starks and Felix Jones. Felix Jones has been hurt for two games this year. Starks is on a pass first team and shares carries with Ryan Grant. Come on. Michael Vick has run for 120 yards more than Chris Johnson. For the Houston Texans, Adrian Foster is running well. Matt Schaub is doing okay. I think the Houston Texans will find a way to win this one, but it should be close. (more…)

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NFL Week Six – Hits and Misses

Carson Palmer, who was sitting on his Barcalounger all season, has been sent from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders. Personally, I thought that Jason Campbell who has a broken collarbone could be back to play in a couple weeks after surgery. I know that most of the “experts” are saying that it’s going to be closer to six weeks, but I thought with a relatively small incision and the fact that he is an athlete, he could be back out there a little bit faster. Anyway, I think that Carson Palmer going to Oakland is good for both Oakland and Carson Palmer. He throws a beautiful deep ball. He has several receivers to throw to. He has an excellent running game to take some of the pressure off of him. This could be an excellent trade for both teams.

Green Bay Packers – they just keep winning. They played an excellent first half and cruised to the finish line. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

San Francisco 49ers – I had chosen the Detroit Lions in this game. I thought their front seven on defense would control the line of scrimmage. The San Francisco 49ers were able to run the football much better than I thought they would. Again, Alex Smith is not overwhelming anybody but he is making enough throws to push the ball down the field. He’s staying away from stupid mistakes. He’s playing good solid football. Frank Gore is running the ball like he did two years ago. The San Francisco defense is making plays. Although Calvin Johnson had a good game, he did not have a great game. The 49ers managed to prevent him from getting any touchdowns. Matthew Stafford who threw the ball 50 times (an excellent sign of an inadequate running game) but looked dazed and confused most of the game. Why are the 49ers playing so much better this year than they did last year? Was Mike Singletary that bad as a head coach?

Baltimore Ravens – I do feel sorry for the Houston Texans. It seems to me that every time they seem to get close to being an elite team, something happens. Three weeks ago spirits were high in Houston. Now, not so much. The Baltimore Ravens played the kind of game they needed to play. They protected the ball. They played solid defense. They were able run the ball better than they have in the last couple of weeks. More importantly, I think they ran the ball well against a good defense. Ray Rice had over 100 yards. Joe Flacco turned in a solid performance.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I thought that the New Orleans Saints would pound the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into submission. I thought that we would see a combination of passing and running which would overwhelm Tampa Bay. That simply didn’t happen. On the final play of the game with New Orleans inside the 10 yard line and needing to score a touchdown the go-ahead, Drew Brees rolled out to his right and he never saw Robert Meacham open in the left corner of the end zone. It would’ve been almost impossible throw back across the field but he was wide open. In spite of this, I need to tip my hat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Josh Freeman rebounded from an absolutely terrible game last week and passed for over 300 yards and no turnovers. The Tampa Bay defense completely stopped any running attack that the Saints could muster. Drew Brees threw three interceptions, including one on the last play of the game. (more…)

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