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HB – Schumer calling on Rove to testify

This goes very well with the previous post. New e-mails show that the White House and Alberto Gonzales have thrown up a smoke screen when they said that Harriett Miers was the first to mention that all 93 US Attorneys be fired. You can read the e-mail for yourself here. Previous emails can be found here. WaPo has an excellent graph which shows what they said in front of Congress and what they said in emails or simply did. ———- From MSNBC.com: White House political adviser Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others

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Newt Calling this WWIII

This morning on Meet the Press, Former House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich says that we are at the beginning of World War III.  So, as the lone SuperPower whose responsibility would it have been to prevent WWIII?  Take your time.  Think about it for a minute… Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Syria.  Who had the power to qwell the violence. Again, a failure of leadership! (Why isn’t the government responding fast enough?  Because Bush is asleep at the wheel.  We have put Billions of dollars into our government responding to problems after …don’t say it [9/11] Damn.  I said it!!  Why can’t

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Where’s the Outrage podcast 6-24-06

So, I had nothing to talk about this week.  Nothing at all…Well, there was the announcement by Sen. Santorum.  The House debates the Paris Hilton Tax.  Well, it wasn’t a real debate.  It was more name calling.  Nancy Pelosi and Rep Doggert (D-Tx) have some great things to say.  I interview Joseph Cirincione from the Center for American Progress.  He is a expert on nuclear weapons and terrorism.  He gives us the scoop on Sen Santorum and also announces the results of their Terrorism Survey.

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