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New Cali fires

Just when I think that my life is bad and getting worse I can look around and see that I have nothing to complain about.  Some local flavor – here and here. ———- From MSNBC: A fast-moving wildfire pushed by Santa Ana winds raced through the canyons and over the mountains of this wealthy enclave for the second time in little more than a month Saturday, destroying dozens of homes and forcing as many as 14,000 residents to flee. The fire erupted in the wee hours after the long-predicted Santa Anas finally returned, and it quickly grew before the winds died

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More on the Cali Fire

President Bush was in Southern California yesterday. He smiled for the cameras. He told the press corp that he was on top of the situation. Arnold Schwarzenegger was at his side. Bush’s best line was “We’re not going to forget you in Washington, D.C.” Yeah, right. It seems that there was a problem in the firefighter response early in this fire. Red tape prevented water dropping copters and large cargo planes from getting off of the ground. Isn’t that Bush’s job to eliminate red tape? Where was Michael Chertoff? It is funny how the Republicans have no use for government except

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