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My love – hate relationship with Comcast

I have never had to deal with a company that had so many clueless employees and so many truly helpful employees. It is maddening.

So, my cable modem crapped out today for no discernible reason. I’m not sure why I can’t get a technician out to my house on a Saturday but Comcast assured me that I couldn’t. So, I asked if I could go to the Comcast outlet here in Huntington and change out my modem. Sure, no problem. I run over there only to find out that it’s closed. It isn’t open on Saturday. What the heck? Not open on a Saturday. Crazy. Why couldn’t someone tell me that the store was closed? So, I went and bought my own cable modem. It is now working just fine.

I have speeds that I have never seen since moving here to Huntington. I can’t explain why Comcast is so hard to deal with. It would be nice if they could fix their internal problems. It would be very nice.

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Cable down – big business failure, again

Internet connection has been down for about 16 hours. Now, we’re back.

Last night, a relatively violent storm rolled through Western North Carolina. It’s not unusual for there to be power outages. Why is that? Why aren’t we protected from power surges and power outages caused by major thunderstorms? Is it that we don’t have the technology? Or could it be that big business (the power companies) will not pay to have redundant power supplies and adequate surge protectors?

So, my Internet goes out last night. I call my Internet provider first thing this morning after troubleshooting on my own. For those of us who have had Internet service for while, we’ve all gone through the drill – unplug your cable modem. Leave your cable modem unplugged for 30-60 seconds. While your cable modem is unplugged please unplug your router. Now, plug in your router and then plug in your cable modem. Which lights are blinking and which lights are off? Please turn off and then turn back on your computer. None of these maneuvers work. I knew that the problem was in the cable feed coming into my house. So I call my cable provider and waste over 30 min. on the phone before they decide to send somebody out. The good news is that they send somebody out within the prescribed two-hour window. It took this computer guru less than 5 min. to see that the problem wasn’t inside my house, like I said. The problem was outside of my house. He went and checked the box outside the house and there was no power coming to the box. The problem was somewhere in the vast network of my cable provider.

Here’s my issue – my time is completely worthless to my cable provider. They should’ve known that the problem was outside of my house when I called. If they didn’t know, why didn’t they? This isn’t nuclear physics. System diagnostics should be relatively simple and required for all cable companies. It is my opinion that they knew but didn’t care to pass on that piece of information to me. In my opinion, this is another failure of government regulation and oversight. If we are supposed to be efficient workers, we can’t waste time dealing with simple basic utilities.

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