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What is Bart Stupak really doing?

He is trying to stop all abortions with his bill; at least abortions that aren’t paid for in cash.

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From C&L:

The Rachel Maddow Show did some digging and it appears that Bart Stupak may not actually have all the votes he’s claiming he has to stop the health care bill from being passed in the House. As Rachel also notes, since Stupak’s requests for changes to the bill are either impossible to get passed under reconciliation or just based on lies about what’s even in the bill, it’s pretty obvious that he’s just doing his best to get himself on the television for some face time so he can demagogue the abortion issue and it has nothing to do with the health care debate.

Bart Stupak might come to regret that if Rachel doesn’t let up on the reporting she has done on the C-Street House and The Family. And as Susie noted, he’s now got himself a primary challenger.

You can Send The Democrats A Message They Can Understand and make a donation at Blue America to help Bart Stupak’s challenger Connie Saltonstall among others.

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Mark Sandord appears to be in trouble, more trouble

Gov. Mark Sanford will look back at 2009 and say, “What happened? I was in position to run for the presidency of the United States in 2008. McCain, Palin and Romney seemed to be out of the picture. It was just me and that guy from Minnesota. Then, Brazil, press conferences, C Street, the wife’s statement, and now travel expenses.”

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From CNN.com:

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, already under fire for an extramarital relationship, should be impeached for abusing state finances, a Republican state senator said Monday.

Sen. David Thomas, in a letter to leaders of the constitutional/administrative subcommittee of the South Carolina Senate Finance Committee, accused his fellow Republican of violating state regulations.

The allegations involve flights he took to London, England, and China in 2006 and 2007 on state business. South Carolina requires the governor to charge the state the lowest rate available unless there are overriding circumstances, such as emergency travel.

“The two flights by Gov. Sanford were in violation of the South Carolina Code of Regulations,” Thomas said in his letter. “The difference in price between the most economical and the more expensive price of the seats the governor chose is approximately $13,700.” (more…)

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Senator Mel Martinez is stepping down

Something is very wrong. No one just steps down to be with family. Is he sick? I mean, does he have cancer? Is someone in his family sick? Was he part of the C Street crowd? I don’t understand. He’s a first- term Senator! He has been in office about four years. This is very odd.

From CNN:

Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Florida, will announce that he is resigning his seat, three GOP sources tell CNN.

The sources said that Martinez will officially announce his intention to step down on Friday. The Florida Republican, first elected in 2004, announced in December of last year that he would retire in 2010.

Florida law states that Gov. Charlie Crist may temporarily appoint someone to the vacant seat until the next general election. As of Friday morning, it was unclear what Crist would do. Crist announced in May he would not seek another term as governor, and instead would run for Martinez’s seat. (more… )

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