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What if Zimmerman were Black?

I’m happy that the rest of the country has started talking about Trayvon Martin. More details about George Zimmerman. From Buzzflash: Let’s face the racial politics simmering in the Trayvon Martin murder head-on: if Zimmerman were black and Martin a white teenager, then Zimmerman would be in jail facing a homicide rap, regardless of Florida’s license to kill. Yes, the NRA and even ALEC are responsible for giving the “gun guys” a license to kill, as BuzzFlash detailed yesterday in our commentary, “The NRA and Florida Legislators Gave George Zimmerman a License to Murder Trayvon Martin” So let’s just sketch out this hypothetical scenario. Supposing

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Progressives – a force for good or self?

Nice post from Mark Karlin over at Buzzflash: We hope that the Blanche Lincoln and Jane Harmon primary victories against two progressive challengers don’t open another round of finger pointing and bitter recriminations among progressives.  There is too much at stake. When I started BuzzFlash in May of 2000, before Bush was put in the White House by the Supreme Court, progressives and Democrats in general were looking for a voice to call out the Republicans for what they are: Bullies, Liars, Hypocrites and full of Gluttonous Greed.  BuzzFlash to hundreds of thousands became that voice for several years until blogs

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The Errington Thompson Show 2-20-10

Errington starts the show by congratulating Aaron on his new full-time gig with Local Edge Radio, Monday through Friday 3 to 6 and then hits upon a few topical insights, starting with a private citizen’s billboard on Highway 1 in Wisconsin which suggests brazenly that we “impeach Obama.” The lawyer for this guy says it’s only an expression suggesting a change in Washington and a better focus on small business! We then go over a few other erstwhile concerns, like needing some definitive explanations about Afghanistan and how the 400 highest-earning American households grew by $345 million dollars in 2007, according to the

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