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Pixar’s Brave

Pixar’s Brave opens this weekend across the country. This is the first major movie from Pixar starring a heroine. Let me end the suspense. This is a great movie. It has a wonderful story and Pixar animation. Yes, the movie is thoroughly entertaining, but I was completely blown away by the animation. The detail (in one scene where our heroine was riding a horse through the woods, the horse looked so good I questioned if it was real or not) was phenomenal. Disney, tired of getting its butt kicked, bought Pixar several years ago. The good news for Pixar fans is

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Clueless at Fox News

C&L were counting down their best videos of the year. The third best was this one. This is Sarah Palin and Greta trying to rip the president over his Libyan policy. Sure, Sarah Palin was her typical clueless self, but once again this clip reveals how the Right wanted Obama to invade with a major offensive. Instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars and losing hundreds if not thousands of troops, we accomplished our objective and didn’t lose one American soldier. Not one. A boil on the butt of the world is gone and we helped to make it happen.

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Miles Davis – So What

Probably one of the most influential jazz musicians, playing one of the influential jazz tunes of all-time. I originally posted this several years ago. I would like to ask the guys at S&P to kiss a part of my anatomy but that’s not civilized. So, I’ll play a little music and let my blood pressure settle down. Since S&P was an integral part of the fraud that was the mortgage bubble, I don’t see why the Department of Justice doesn’t take the gloves off. You downgrade us over some stupidness, then I’ll throw your butt in jail over helping to take

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