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Tone Deaf Carly

Former CEO of HP and McCain adviser Carly Fiorina types a commentary for CNN. She argues against the government placing a $500,000 cap on executive salaries. Why? Because she is cut from the same cloth as those Wall Street crooks. In February of 1999 HP was trading at $25.93. Ms. Fiorina took the helm in 1999.  When she was booted from the company at the of 2004, the stock was trading at $19. So during one of the greatest stock market rallies in history, HP was moving backward. Yet she got $41 million as she was kicked out of the door. Sounds like a Wall Street CEO

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The Sarah Palin Digest

From Think Progress.org Think Progress has put together a document compiling what we know about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), the vice presidential running mate of Senator John McCain. Here are the issues: * Foreign Policy * Earmarks * Environment * Energy * Big Oil * Science * Women’s Rights * Ethics * Troopergate * Radical Right * Civil Rights * Health Care * Economy Click here to comment on this report. ON FOREIGN POLICY Palin Hasn’t Given The War In Iraq Much Thought. Palin told the Alaska Business Monthly, “I’ve been so focused on state government, I haven’t really focused

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Another Bad Day for Senator McCain

As I noted in previous posts, last week was really bad for Senator John McCain, BUT that appears to be nothing compared to the way that this week has started off. Former Texas Senator and presidential hopeful, Phil Gramm is a lobbyist for UBS as well as an economic adviser under McCain. Gramm is credited with the deregulation “reform” which may have led to the current subprime mortgage crisis. TPM: Below I noted MSNBC’s story tonight about how former Senator Phil Gramm (McCain’s economics advisor) was advising him on his subprime mortgage bailout policy while Gramm was also a registered lobbyist

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