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Bush's final address

Yes, it was nauseating. It was like taking a bottle of ipecac. Yet I felt I had to watch President George W. Bush’s last public address. The funny thing is I could’ve written that for him. Everyone who has followed his presidency knew what he was going to say. Bush has always tried to paint himself as a poorly understood tough guy who was never afraid to make decisions, which is exactly what he said in his address. He also had to tell us that the world is a different and dangerous place. Finally, somewhere in the speech, he had to

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TDS – Bush's Bucket List

So, why did President Bush wait until his last year to start the peace process? I find it kind of funny. Jon Stewart has a funny twist. (BTW, I need to see that Bucket Movie.)

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President Bush's statement on Bhutto

It took me most of the day to get over the fact that Benizar Bhutto had been killed. Whenever something like this happens, there is a tendency to point fingers. Well, I’m not the first to begin pointing fingers today. As a matter of fact, I was pointing back in October. When Bhutto returned to Pakistan and was almost killed by a suicide bomber, pointed my finger at the Pakistani government for not providing better security. If Obama, Clinton and others can get Secret Service protection here in the US, why can’t the government of Pakistan provide protection for its leaders?

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