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What's going on: News Round up

Monday’s News: Remember the story about Al Qaeda members who were associated with the USS Cole bombing that were walking around free in Yemeni. Well, a Yemeni judge has picked up Jaber Elbaneh and thrown him in jail. I’m not sure what that means or how long he will stay there, but this is a good first step (seven years too late. ) Dick Morris, who regularly appears on Fox “News,” wrote an incoherent piece in the Washington Post yesterday. I’m still trying to deconstruct it. I think he is trying to say that Senator Barack Obama is ahead of Senator

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Burma Cyclone

Cyclone Nargis killed at least 22 thousand people in Burma. There is fear the death toll will reach 50 thousand. The country is also known as Myanmar. (The photo is from the Agence French Presse). A cyclone is the same as a hurricane. Here are many cyclone questions and answers. The storm did the greatest damage in the Irrawaddy Delta area of Burma. Here is extensive information on that region. It is one of the most highly populated areas of Burma. The capital, Rangoon, also received extensive damage. Here is video of the destruction. The Times of London writes about an

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Burma Protests

I don’t know much about Burma –or Myanmar–except to say that it is a very repressive country. Buddhist monks and others are currently protesting in Burma for political freedoms. These people appear to be quite brave to protest under such a harsh government. This link to the BBC offers a number of articles on the current protests and some background to the situation

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