Burma Cyclone

Cyclone Nargis killed at least 22 thousand people in Burma. There is fear the death toll will reach 50 thousand.

The country is also known as Myanmar.

(The photo is from the Agence French Presse).

A cyclone is the same as a hurricane. Here are many cyclone questions and answers.

The storm did the greatest damage in the Irrawaddy Delta area of Burma. Here is extensive information on that region. It is one of the most highly populated areas of Burma.

The capital, Rangoon, also received extensive damage.

Here is video of the destruction.

The Times of London writes about an added crisis from the storm

The features that made the stricken area vulnerable to this disaster — its low-lying geography and proximity to water — also made it Burma’s rice bowl. The cyclone has undoubtedly wrought terrible damage on the country’s agriculture. World rice prices are at a record high already, provoking food riots in more than 30 countries. Burma is a net exporter of rice, and the destruction of crops in the Irrawaddy delta will only add to upward pressure on international prices. The country may be unable to keep its promise to sell rice to other needy countries such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. (more…)