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Obama in prime time

There were several events in Asheville tonight for progressives. Heath Shuler hosted a fundraiser for Larry Kissell. The Buncombe County Medical Society had a meet and greet with several candidates. Progressive Talk Show host Ed Schultz was also in town. I went to see Ed Schultz and was unable to listen to Barack Obama live. The magic of the internet allows me to watch Obama deliver his message directly to the people. He was outstanding.

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What's going on – Thursday Night News Roundup

Thursday Evening News Roundup I just got back from a fundraiser for Holly Jones , who is running for Buncombe County Commissioner. It was an extremely fun event. The food was provided by Chef in Motion and it was fabulous. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was widely heralded as the guru who oversaw the American economy for more than 20 years. Today, he testified on Capitol Hill in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He admits he was wrong about fighting against more regulation. I’m not sure that admitting you were wrong as the market goes up in flames is all

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Debate Watch Parties

This Friday evening, September 26th, The Kay Hagan Campaign is sponsoring a Presidential Debate Watch event at Democratic Headquarters. Join them for a fun evening with Food, Discussion and Politics! To begin the event, come at 5:00 to phone bank for Kay. As a special treat, Kay Hagan will speak to all her supporters across the state at 5:30 via a conference call! Then, stay to watch the Presidential Debate at 9:00 PM. The Hagan Campaign requests that you RSVP for this event. Call Valerie at 828-817-3856 or Jennifer at 336-972-5861 to RSVP or for other information. You can also join

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