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Paul Ryan fumbled the hand off

Paul Ryan was sent into the friendly confines of Fox News and he fumbled the hand off. This one was easy. He simply screwed up a simple question, a question which a ninth-grade debate student would have been ready for. Paul Ryan is the Republican financial guru on Capitol Hill. He developed the last two Republican budgets. Yet, when he was asked by Brit Hume about when his budget balances, he couldn’t answer the question. Watch it: Now, he should have planned for this question. It should have been obvious to everyone that he would get the question. He could have

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Jobs. We need more jobs.

I’m not sure what our representatives are doing on Capitol Hill. I know what they need to be doing. They need to be passing a jobs bill. We need a green energy bill which creates millions of jobs. The new job numbers are out and they tell us what we are ready know. The job market is weak. The private sector added 71,000 jobs, while we lost a lot of temporary jobs because the Census is winding down. The Economic Policy Institute has more: Payroll jobs The total number of payroll jobs declined by 131,000 in July, though the shedding of

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Pentagon waste is worse than I thought

Hey, buddy, can you spare $300 billion? $300 billion is the amount of money that the Government accountability office (GAO) has estimated that has been squandered. This is not money that we used for the bailout. Instead, this is money that we have appropriated to the Pentagon for weapons systems. These weapons systems have been underbid, over budget or in some cases not even built. Yet, the Pentagon keeps throwing money at these contractors. (GAO report – all 205 pages of it) Great Video below. From WaPo: Government auditors issued a scathing review yesterday of dozens of the Pentagon’s biggest weapons

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