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Ryan plan will kill economic growth

The Ryan economic plan will kill economic growth. It will give money to the rich in the form of tax cuts and it will raise taxes on the average American. It will increase the Pentagon’s budget in spite of the fact that the Pentagon states that they don’t need any more money. From EPI: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has selected House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate, further elevating tax and budget policy issues. Ryan is known for providing seemingly wonky budget plans over the last decade. Below, we highlight and summarize previous analyses of these

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Tuesday afternoon news roundup – A couple of things

The President is continuing to shine a light on to the Republican budget. He used terms like draconian to describe the Republican budget. I talked about the Republican budget here. President Obama’s speech was extremely pointed, partisan and perfect. He is to be congratulated. As our population gets larger, the percentage of Americans who are mentally ill, confused, upset, angry and otherwise disaffected becomes larger. Well, the percentage is about the same, but the numbers are larger. I think that’s what we saw in Oakland, California yesterday. From Oakland Tribune: The suspect in a shooting rampage at an East Oakland private

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I want to be a millionaire so Paul Ryan will love me, too

For reasons that are unclear, I have been very busy over the last several weeks. I am hopeful that things will slow down. 🙂 I haven’t had much opportunity to review Paul Ryan’s budget. As you recall, his last budget caused quite a stir. After a cursory review, his budget, which was passed today by the House, is a perfect reflection of Republican ideals. We have very few opportunities to understand and see what people are really like. Politicians have PR men and focus groups to hone their message. This budget is a rare opportunity for us to look into the

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