Rudy's buddy

Many New Yorkers don’t like Rudy Giuliani. When I say don’t like I’m being kind. Rudy invokes an emotional response that is quite remarkable to watch. I pointed out some of Rudy’s lack of judgment in an earlier post. Bernard Kerik is another terrible lapse in judgment. There is no excuse. He tries to apologize in the video below but it is important to point out that many people warned Rudy about Kerik. They talked about mob ties and shady deals but Rudy didn’t want to hear it. Rudy had his mind made up and went head long into the fray. It is his inability to adjust his thinking that is worrisome for me.


From NYT:

The scene outside the old Victorian-style courthouse in Dubuque on Thursday morning showed that the indictment of Bernard B. Kerik is at the very least a big distraction for Rudolph W. Giuliani’s presidential campaign.

The site had been chosen with care: Mr. Giuliani spoke across from the courthouse, which has a statue of Justice atop its golden cupola. With him were two former United States attorneys who were there to talk about Mr. Giuliani’s record as a corruption-busting federal prosecutor before he became mayor of New York. (more…)