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Tiger wins at Bay Hill

Whether you like Tiger Woods or you think he’s a spoiled brat, you have to watch. When he is playing well, it is amazing TV.

Several of my buddies were thinking that Tiger was finished. He was done. He would never win again. I doubted that. I think that the one thing that separates Tiger from everyone else who plays golf is Tiger’s work ethic. He would put in the time and effort necessary to change his swing. I was right. I just hope that my grandson saw this. Today was about raking in the rewards of hard work.

Now, the Masters gets very, very interesting. I know that folks are favoring Tiger to win. I think that Tiger has to continue putting well. He was great this week.

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Smoking Joe Frazier in Hospice

If you are around my age you grew up watching Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. My father loved the fights. He took me for the big fights. This was back in the day, when you could paid to watch closed circuit fights with 10,000-20,000 of your closest buddies at the big auditorium in your city. If your city didn’t have a big auditorium you were flat out of luck. Ali-Frazier. Those were classic fights. The shorter, compact and powerful Frazier verses the faster, taller Ali. It was beautiful.

That was a long time ago. Joe Frazier reportedly has liver cancer and is not expected to live much longer. He is in hospice. I wish him peace. I pray for him and his family.

One commenter on ESPN’s web site noted: I always thought that it was a shame that the city of Philly has a big statue of fictional Rocky Balboa and not Joe Frazier.

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