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Quincy Jones – I’ll Be Good to You

I simply love this tune. Quincy Jones originally produced this tune for the Brothers Johnson. It was a huge hit for a young group. Then, approximately 10 years later, he decided to produce the tune for Ray Charles and Chaka Khan. This tune transforms into something bigger, more soulful and is one of the few tunes that simply leaps off the vinyl. Embrace it. Love it.

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The Brothers Johnson

Before I get to the Brothers Johnson, I wanted to post this video. This is the bass player from the Brothers Johnson – Louis Johnson. When he burst onto the scene in the late ’70s, I was awestruck. I thought he was one of the best bass players of his time. I’m still not sure if anyone is actually better than he is. Amazing. There aren’t any good live clips of the Brothers Johnson that I have found so far. I’m going keep looking. Enjoy this instrumental. Artist: Brothers Johnson Tune: Streetwave

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