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David Brooks and Applebees

David Brooks is an interesting right wing pundit. There are times when he actually makes sense. There are times when I agree with him. He isn’t like William Krystal who is wrong almost all of the time. So, you and I need to read his stuff carefully. Yesterday, on MSNBC, David Brooks was channeling his right wing talking points from 2000. Remember when everyone was talking about what a great guy George W. Bush was. He was so great you just felt like you could sit down and have a beer with him? Remember those? Of course, the inference was that

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David Brooks is right

It is not often that I’ve agreed with David Brooks of the New York Times. He has been an unrelenting apologist for conservatives in general and the neocons in specific but his analysis of Thursday night’s elections is surprisingly lucid. He recognizes the amazing feat that Barack Obama pulled off on Thursday night. One needs to sit back in think about those events of last Thursday night. A Black man from Illinois wins the Iowa caucuses. Surprisingly, David Brooks recognizes the victory that Mike Huckabee had in Iowa. This was equally shocking. Mike Huckabee got very little press. His announcement of

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