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McConnell earmark is a little stinky

I really don’t like earmarks. They don’t help democracy. They help incumbents stay in office. Mitch McConnell seems to be in a little hot water over one of his earmarks. Now, I guess that you could label earmarks into 3 categories – bad, worse and awful. I think that pushing for a defense contractor is bad. Pushing for an overseas (British) contractor is worse. Trying to get a $25 million project to a company that is under investigation by the Justice Department is awful, isn’t it? —————– From the Lexington Herald-Leader: Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is pushing $25 million in earmarked

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British soldiers are released

So, can somebody tell me what happened?  I’m happy that the soldiers are released.  But what happened?  Why were they taken?  Were they really in Iranian waters?  Where was their back up?

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Iran, Britian and the US

This has the potential to get very, very ugly. Why were British sailors in a position to get taken? Where was their back up? It would seem to me that one would not cruise around in that part of the world without some serious fightpower backing you up. Iran promised to release the female captive. Nope. They decided not to because of Britain’s attitude. No seriously that’s what they said. Are we looking at 12 year olds? Come on. So, then the Iranians release 2 notes that the British sailors have written. I’m sure that there was no coercion to them

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