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What's going on – News Roundup

Friday Morning News Roundup California has averted their version of Armageddon. They’ve finally passed a budget. Southwest Airlines issued a warning about instrument approaches to the Buffalo airport. This warning was issued before the fatal crash of the Continental Connections commuter plane that crashed last week. The Pilots Association re-issued the warning on Wednesday of this week. Glenn Greenwald takes his time and goes through the details of Binyam Mohamed‘s case. Mohamed is an Ethiopian citizen and British resident who was arrested and rendered from Afghanistan in 2002. Although this case contains allegations of torture and abuse, it is also the

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Clinton Questions Crocker and Petraeus

Senator Hillary Clinton uses a very interesting line of questioning. First, she points out that the Iraqi Parliament will have a chance to look at an agreement with the Bush Administration, but that the U.S. Congress probably will not have that same opportunity. She then turns to General Petraeus and asks what conditions must exist on the ground before he would say to the President that the current strategy isn’t working. Petraeus gives a very interesting answer. He states that there isn’t a formula but that there is a “political, military calculus.” That would be kind of an equation, right? Clinton

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