Mitt Romney is wrong on class size

A couple days ago Mitt Romney stated that they found in Massachusetts that class size does not matter. Really? I would love to see that study. I suspect it was terribly flawed. When you take a flawed study and try to make some conclusions, guess what? Those are going to be wrong also. It’s like that old economic saying – garbage in, garbage out.

Let’s be clear, Mitt Romney went to a very prestigious prep school in Michigan. As far as I know, that prep school does not boast larger class sizes. As a matter fact, it boasts individual attention. It is impossible to have individual attention in larger classes. As a matter of fact, one of things that exclusive prep schools share in common is the fact that they all boast individual attention and smaller class sizes. So, either all of the prestigious prep schools in the country have got it wrong or possibly Mitt Romney’s trying to pull a fast one over on the American public. (more…)