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Week 5 wrap up

Hopefully, I’ll have more to say as the day goes on. Kind of busy this morning. The NFL has been somewhat of a head scratcher. I think that the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets have played the most consistent football of the year so far. Both teams have stout defenses. Both teams have shown periods of brilliance on offense. In my mind, they’re the two best teams in the NFL. The St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills are all milling around at the bottom of the league. The one thing that they all

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NFL: Week Three Comments and Thoughts (video added)

I went 11-5 last week. Not bad. There are a few things that simply jump out at me. These are in no particular order. Week 3 Power Ratings. Carson Palmer does not look well. Four years ago he was a Pro bowl quarterback. Now he looks extremely tentative. Last year, the excuse was that he did not have enough weapons. Now what’s the excuse? The Bengals aren’t going anywhere until they fix Carson Palmer. The Buffalo Bills are better than I thought. I have no idea what’s wrong with the San Francisco 49ers. In week two, they showed flashes of brilliance.

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Dallas Cowboys, One Down and 18 To Go

Well, it is time for football season. The Dallas Cowboys opened its season against the Cleveland Browns. Both teams really have something to prove. The Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns ended their season last year– by laying an egg. Dallas Cowboys took their opening drive and ran 10 plays. They traveled 80 yards. They ended the drive with a Marion Barber touchdown. The Cowboys defense that allowed a 16-play drive, which took approximately nine minutes and ended in a Cleveland Browns touchdown. The Cowboys had the ball three more times in half and scored twice. Both scores were touchdowns. At

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