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NFL: Week 16

I stopped giving a weekly update of the NFL a couple months ago. First of all, a weekly update took way too long for me to write. Secondly, there was so much flux from one week to the next, I couldn’t thoughtfully tell you who I thought was good and who I thought was bad. There are certain things that we knew at the beginning of week 16. We knew that the San Francisco 49ers were very good. They quite possibly may be the best team in the NFC, maybe the best team in football. They made a huge statement by flying

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More on Steve Jobs (Update)

There are very few geniuses who actually touch all of our lives the way Steve Jobs has. Off the top my head, I can think of Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell and Einstein. But the neat thing about Steve Jobs was that he did not hide from the public. As a matter of fact, he embraced the public like no CEO did before him. When a new product was introduced, it wasn’t some gorgeous Madison Avenue model, or even that paid spokesman with the impossibly deep voice and perfect enunciation, it was Steve Jobs who took mic in hand and introduced the

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