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Golden Gate is 75 years old

The Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 years old this weekend. When somebody or something reaches one of these milestones it is time to reflect. If we needed to build something like this bridge again, could we? Would the building of such a bridge become mired in partisan politics? I know we can build bridges to nowhere, but have we lost the capacity of actually helping the American people?

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Violence at NATO

France knows how to throw a party, but this party seems to have gotten out of control. The NATO summit has been surrounded by violence. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy From AP: Black-clad protesters attacked police and set a customs station ablaze Saturday on a bridge linking France and Germany that served hours earlier as the backdrop for a show of unity by NATO leaders. AP photographers saw other protesters storm a nearby Ibis hotel, setting fires and pilfering alcohol from its bar. Stacks of old tires were also set ablaze, unleashing thick plumes of

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Obama Answers the "Gas-Tax" Holiday

My father was fond of asking me if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would I jump. The right answer was always no. Senator John McCain, in a very weak economic speech, offered voters a gas -tax holiday. In my opinion, this was a terrible idea. First of all, it would be difficult for the IRS to enforce a tax that is turned on then turned off. Secondly, it isn’t like gas prices would drop immediately although the public would expect gas prices to drop any day. Many Americans would start driving more, which would increase demand and therefore increase prices.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson is a surgeon, scholar, full-time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats.


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