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Obama chats with Brian Williams

Senator Barack Obama sat down and talked with Brian Williams today. In lengthy interviews, Obama is able to show his thoughtfulness on the issues. With the New Hampshire primary coming tomorrow, 2 new polls (USA Today- Gallup and CNN-WMUR) show Barack Obama opening up a 2 digit lead in the granite state. Now, if you have listened to my podcast then you heard political science Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell tell us to ignore national polls and to look at the local polls done by local people. CNN did something interesting by teaming with WMUR they provided the resources for a local TV

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Brian McKnight – Anytime

There are some guys that just have the voice and the presentation.  A good slow jam is a tune that will last.  Always and Forever by Heatwave is one of those songs.  Luther and Teddy (if you don’t know who these giants were you need to study your RnB slow jams) had several tunes that could make the ugliest guy at the prom look passable.  Brian McKnight’s Anytime is one of these tunes.

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Brian Williams takes us back to NOLA

Brian Williams is back in New Orleans.  He is back at the famous convention center.  Sadly outside of the French Quarter nothing much has changed.  New Orleans and the gulf coast need an infusion of federal dollars.  They also need to clean up the Louisiana government.  The corruption and incest has to stop in order to get help to those who need it. So many things during this Bush administration has broken my heart.  Katrina and New Orleans are at the top of my list.

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