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At Least Rick Perry Tells You Up Front What He Is About

From last night’s Republican debate— “When co-moderator Brian Williams of NBC noted the 234 executions that took place in Texas on the watch of Gov. Rick Perry, the current frontrunner in the GOP presidential contest, the crowd assembled in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, roared its approval. Asked if he ever lost sleep worrying that one of those executed might have been innocent, Perry replied, “No, sir. I’ve never struggled with that at all.” I’ll say this for Rick Perry—At least he invites us to revel in the contempt for life and hope that often defines this country in so many

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Conservatives Cry Foul Over ABC Infomercial

An editorial from Friday’s Investor’s Business Daily states that, “ABC crosses the line from journalism to advocacy in turning its coverage of health care over to the White House.”  The Drudge Report chimes in my noting that ABC has “ignited an ethical firestorm.”  Hot Air ain’t happy either. Really?  I think that these folks are missing the point. Merriam-Webster defines journalism as “an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium.”  ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News, with just a few exceptions, haven’t presented the American people with objective news in over

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What's going on – News Roundup

Early Wednesday Morning News Roundup The economic stimulus package passed the Senate yesterday by a 61-37 vote, which was no surprise. Lawmakers begin now the difficult task of reconciling the two versions of the bill. Remember that both the House and the Senate will vote on the compromise bill and if it passes both Houses then the bill goes to President Obama. Progressives and moderates seemed to like President Obama‘s news conference yesterday. Predictably, conservatives — not so much. Overseas — just to prove that the Bush administration did not corner the market on government scandals, Taiwan’s former first lady has admitted

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