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NFL: championship weekend

Just because my beloved Dallas Cowboys were rudely bounced from the playoffs does not mean that I’m not watching football this weekend. I continue to be amazed at the New York Jets. They figure out ways to win. New York Jets versus the Indianapolis Colts. A lot has been made of this rematch from week 16. The Indianapolis Colts, in a tight game, pulled all their “main” starters towards the end of the third quarter. The Jets took advantage of a second string quarterback who had not really seen the football field in years. The dream of a perfect season went

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NFL – Who are the top 5 quarterbacks in the league right now?

As we enter week seven in the NFL, who do you think the best quarterbacks in the league are? I think we have the usual suspects – Tom Brady, after last week’s performance, Peyton Manning, who may be playing the best football of his NFL career. Then who would you list? Here are my top five in order — There’s Peyton Manning. I think, bar none, he is the best in the league. Then we have Drew Brees. Yes, he dissected the New York Giants like they were the hapless St. Louis Rams, but he’s been playing great football for the

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Brett Favre; what I liked about 80s basketball

So #4 is back. He will be in a Vikings uniform. My question is why? Brett Favre is no doubt a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. He has a number of league records and has won a Super Bowl. This will be Brett Favre’s 19th season in the NFL! Very few players can match him for longevity. Heck, most coaches can’t match his longevity. But, back to my question. Why did he decide he had to come back and play for the Minnesota Vikings? Last year, he played for the New York Jets. One could argue that he had three

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