Summer Blogging Break Reading List

It’s time for a summer blogging break. I need a week off.

A summer blogging break requires a reading list. Here are some suggestions—

The Age Of Reform —From Bryan To F.D.R by Richard Hofstadter.

Published in 1955, Reform still has value. The account of years of progress gives hope that we can turn out own times around, and the Americans Hofstadter writes about are often types still recognizable in the current day.

Crossing The Yellow River—Three Hundred Poems From The Chinese translated by Sam Hamill.

One of my favorite books. The brief poems from ancient Chinese poets take you back in time and have the effect of putting you in a mindset of reflection.

Leviathan—The History Of Whaling In America by Eric Jay Dolan

Just published. It’s the kind of subject you’re either interested in or not. I’m interested.

(The photo is of a Northern Right Whale.)

Care Bears Caring Contest—By Nancy Parent

The Care Bears have a contest to see who can be the nicest. At the end a tie is declared and each one of the Care Bears wins a prize. Damn right. Just the program.

Infrastructure— A Field Guide To The Industrial Landscape by Brian Hayes

Oversized book tells all about cell phone towers and train yards and other things we see each day, but don’t really understand their purpose or how they work. Many pictures. First-rate.

The Great Political Theories Volumes 1 & 2-Edited by Michael Curtis

Shorthand explanations of political ideas all the way back the ancient world in two mass-market sized paperbacks.

Beach reading? Well….I once read Jaws by Peter Benchley and I thought it was awful. I’d rent the movie. Nevil Shute’s On The Beach is a winner.

For your summer blog reading enjoyment, here is a link to my shop. Texas Liberal is out of Houston. You’ll find posts about some local issues and a few other things that don’t make it to Where’s The Outrage?

Two great Texas blogs are Jobsanger from Amarillo and South Texas Chisme from the Corpus Christi area.

Also this summer, please consider some of the central tenets of American liberalism.

Liberals contend that individuals are part of a larger society, that we are dependent upon each other in many ways, and that government has some role to play in the lives of individual citizens and in society as a whole.

I hope everybody is having a nice summer.