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9/11 first responders will be covered for cancer

Congress passed a law to help the first responders who spent days, weeks and months going through the rubble and helping the wounded and sick after the 9/11 attack. Unfortunately, the law didn’t go far enough. In my opinion, Congress should’ve written a blank check to these brave men and women who showed nothing but compassion for their fellow man. From HuffPo: On the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the federal government is expected to recognize a link between exposure to toxic dusts caused by the World Trade Center debris, and incidences of cancer in rescue workers and area residents.

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Hillary Clinton Now in Never Never Land

Senator Hillary Clinton has really been through a lot over the last six months. In November of 2007, she was the front-runner by a long margin in the democratic race. She was able to look over the Republican field and know that she was smart enough and political enough to beat any of the Republicans in the general election. She was going to be the next president of the United States. Well, that was six months ago. She lost Iowa, but had a nice come back in New Hampshire. She split “Super Tuesday” – not so good. She then lost 12

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Navy Seal awarded the Medal of Honor

I continue to be amazed that performance of our brave men and women in the armed services. The rest of the government is falling down around us while the armed services seems to continue to perform at an extremely high level. If memory serves, this is the second Medal of Honor winner (I’m not sure that this is the correct term since you almost have to be injured or killed to get the award.) that I have mentioned on my blog from the Afghanistan/Iraq war conflicts.In the Vietnam film, The Boys in Company C., a grenade is thrown outside of a

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