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Sting and Stevie Wonder

Artists: Sting and Stevie Wonder Tune: Higher Ground/Roxanne Two of my favorite artists of all time are Sting and Stevie Wonder. I went nuts when Sting recorded Brand New Day with Stevie Wonder playing harmonica. It was simply fabulous. Everybody older than 30 and younger than 65 has heard Roxanne. It was really the song that propelled Sting and The Police into stardom. (One of the best examples to tell you how ubiquitous the song Roxanne was would be for you to look at Eddie Murphy’s 48 Hours. He is singing Roxanne while he’s in jail.) Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder

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The cartoon that really, really wasn't funny… (updated)

I heard about this cartoon on the Ed Shultz Show at noon today, but I was stuck at work and had no ability to blog. By now, everyone and I mean everyone, has commented on this cartoon. I really don’t have much thoughtful or insightful to add, but I will say that this is 2009 and Barack Obama is our president. Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State. It is a brand-new day. Although cartoons like these are stupid, crass, classless, ignorant, insensitive and racist, it just doesn’t hurt as much as it used

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Republicans are not going to give Obama a grace period (update)

Eight years ago, when George Bush took office, liberals and progressives decided to give Bush a chance. Senator Ted Kennedy worked with the Bush administration on good faith. The Bush administration returned the favor by using Kennedy to gather Democratic votes and then pulled the rug out from under progressives by partially funding the program (No Child Left Behind). Many Democrats even went along with Bush’s initial tax cuts, hoping the Bush administration was trying to help all Americans and not just the rich. Well, this is 2009 and it is a brand-new day. The Democrats hold both houses in Congress

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