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Junior Seau found dead

There are a few players who can for a few years change the face of football. Junior Seau was one of those players. For several years, when he was in San Diego (don’t pay attention to his career when he went to New England), he was a beast. Junior Seau could take over a game. He was one of those players who forced the other team to know where he was. He was like Lawrence Taylor. He would just freelance at times with great results. I have no idea what happened today. There are rumors that Mr. Seau might have committed

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$100 million lawsuit over Super Bowl

No really.  A player from the St. Louis Rams has files a $100 million lawsuit against the New England Patriots over the 2002 Super Bowl.  You remember that just before this last Super Bowl (a couple of weeks ago) a new revelation appeared.  The New England Patriots were accused of spying against the St. Louis Rams.  This of course fits nicely with the fact that the New England Patriots are found to be videotaping the New York Jets very early in the season.  Willie Gary, former Rams player, filed a $100 million lawsuit in the US District Court in New Orleans.

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What was the important play of the Super Bowl?

The Giants made so many plays. It is hard to single out the “best”. You can argue that it was the first or second play of the game when Brady was sacked that set the tone. There was a play in the middle of the second quarter in which somebody wacked Wes Welker. I thought he was staggering when he got up. He was clearly shaking his head like the cobwebs wouldn’t leave. There was Amani Toomer’s beautiful catch along the sideline. I chose 2 plays that I think were critical to the outcome of the game. Both were very late

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