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The Errington Thompson Show 11-22-2008

Sorry about the sound quality. (Agnes, my fill-in producer, clearly doesn’t love me.) This time we cover the jobless rate, which has hit a 16-year high. Don’t forget our being told that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong.” The automakers have been turned away so that they may go back and do their homework. A federal judge has ordered the Bush administration to release five Algerian nationals.

My special guests are Greg Dworkin of the Daily Kos, who is a pediatric pulmonologist. We go over health care reform and then I switch gears and talk with local author Cecil Bothwell about his latest book,
Pure Bunkum – Reporting on the Life and Crimes of Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford


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The Errington Thompson Show – 06-28-08

Great Show. I chat with Glenn Greenwald about FISA and the Democrats inability to stand up and say no more. I then switch gears and talk with local author Cecil Bothwell who has been covering the Pak Square “illegal” sale of land and the indictment and conviction of Sheriff Bobby Medford. I give away another $75!! Just listen and you can win.

The Errington Thompson Show – Special FISA Edition

I think that FISA is very important. The principle is important. The American government shouldn’t spy on us without a good reason. Just cuz, didn’t work for me with my mother and it shouldn’t work for our government.

I was able to find Kargo X from the Daily Kos who has been following this issue for a couple of years. We discuss what happened this week. This conversation ties in very nicely with my prior conversation with McJoan, also from the Daily Kos.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 28, I will be discussing FISA with Glenn Greenwald. I will also discuss some local news (Pak Square) with Cecil Bothwell.

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