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Celtics go home, Heat advance

I’m still not convinced that the Miami Heat are a powerhouse in basketball. I don’t see them playing team basketball. They don’t make the extra passes. Instead, they isolate either Wade or James. Where is Bosh? On the other side of the ball, the Boston Celtics had no inside game. None.¬†Jermaine O’Neil was invisible. They lost the rebounding war, which they had to win. Rondo is the spark for the Celtic but with only one arm, he was not effective. ¬†Pierce had to step up his game. He needed to be on the boards, score and dish. He needed 25 or

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Grab bag – Tuesday Night (updated)

Nice Commentary from Keith to go along with my opening paragraph: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The media loves a point-counterpoint. They love bad versus good. They love rich versus poor. Any time you can paint a story as two extremes they start salivating. Now we have Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal versus President Barack Obama. There is a magazine article in which there are supposed to be some disparaging comments about Barack Obama, Joe Biden and his cabinet members. Frankly, some of the comments were juvenile. It is almost as if they were speaking

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A Couple of Thoughts on the NBA

In my mind, the golden age of the NBA occurred in the mid-’80s. It had two great dynasties going at each other. The Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird and the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson. If you were a true fan of basketball, you loved both of these teams. They were magnificent in action. The Los Angeles Lakers were more of a wide-open, fast-break team. The Boston Celtics ran a slow, deliberate half-court offense. They both played good defense. They both could rebound. Los Angeles could slow it down and run a half-court offense. The

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