What Border Security?

Okay, by now, everyone should have heard about the man with TB who flew to France then flew to Canada and crossed the border into the US. Our President has repeatedly told us that we are safer. Now, this is an episode of The Agency. Several things – Since SARS, why don’t we have a plan to deal with airborne diseases that could be lethal? The plan can’t be to tell all of the networks to publish a flight itinerary. Next, how does the CDC (Not the FBI or the CIA) put someone on the no fly list? Thirdly, where was the coordination between agencies that we heard so much about. Because he was on the No Fly List should he be barred from re-entering the country?

Could budget cuts have hampered the CDC’s effort?

BTW, I was suppose to be a Drinking Liberally tonight. Every time that I go I have a good time. After a week of nights and a week of days, I was beat. I’m starting to get a cold (NO, it is not TB.) More blogging this weekend.


From WaPo: The government is investigating how a globe-trotting tuberculosis patient drove back into the country even after his name was put on a no-fly list provided to border guards. The failure exposed a major gap in a system that is supposed to keep the direst of diseases from crossing borders.

But the communications breakdown at a U.S.-Canada border crossing was only one of a series of missed opportunities to catch the Atlanta man and his wife who seemed determined to elude health officials. (more…)